Playwriting competition Queens University


CSC hosted a playwriting competition at Queens University, Kingston in Canada in order to encourage local talent.

Plays were then performed in the Integrated Learning Centre Jan/Feb 2005


Award winning plays

The play: “Last Storey” by Alex Caspery

Last Storey is the tale of two men meeting under very unusual circumstances: Reg Chadman, an uptight software engineer down on his luck, and Al, a free-spirit with a remarkable past. Al desperately tries to convince Reg not to take life so seriously, because it can come as quite a shock to find out the whole thing has been one big joke.

Alex  directed his own play

The Play: Modern Post Modern by Simon Cheung

A man named Modern has built a tree. It will save the world. It will repair his brother’s fractured mind. It is redemption. The question is: can it be made to grow in the barren earth of men’s souls? One family is about to fall victim to the truth. In Modern Post Modern, playwright Simon Cheung invents a haunting and vivid tale of life locked in a battle for meaning, with one actor schizophrenically portraying four roles essentializing the forces grappling over control of the self in postmodernity. An award-winning insight into the human condition that is not to be missed.

Director Drew Mitchell