What have you been doing all these years?

A double bill of plays by Harold Pinter produced by CSC in Dec 1999

A Kind of Alaska


Was first inspired by ‘Awakenings’ by Oliver Sacks. In the winter of 1916-1917 there spread over the world an extraordinary epidemic illness or ‘sleeping sickness’. Almost five million people fell victim to the disease, many of whom sank into states of sleep – conscious of their surroundings but motionless, speechless and confined to institutions. Fifty years later, the development of L-DOPA helped them erupt into life once more.

Deborah Amanda Bass

Hornby Nick Roberts

Pauline Caroline Baillie


Victoria Station

The Taxi Driver does not appear to be responding to his Controller as might be expected whilst a passenger waits to be picked up from Victoria Station. Where is he? And what has he been doing all these years?


Controller Nick Roberts

Driver Phillip Ball

Music and sound by Nick Roberts