The Complacents



Three One-Act Plays:

“My Life as an Alien” an original work by Caroline Baillie

“The Department of Reproduction” an original work by Adam Rysanek and the Ensemble

“One for the Road” by Harold Pinter

The Complacents


Caroline Baillie, Zorba Dravillas, Adam Rysanek, Jeremy Ennis and Talia Acker set out to create a piece exploring the dangers of political complacency.  They began with Pinter’s “One for the Road”  which deals with the brutal interrogation of a family.  The Ensemble then created two original plays which lay-out the world leading to the interrogation and imagined the character’s lives prior to it.  The three plays are linked by a single narrative.  The actor/writers endeavoured to collaboratively direct each other, pushing themselves to work outside of the traditional hierarchical model of theatre, where the director calls the shots.  This process not only produced very compelling theatre but is also by its nature a challenge to everyday complacency.

Performed at The AKA Autonomous Social Centre Kingston, Canada Oct 2008 and The Haven Art Gallery, 50 Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx, NY Nov 2008