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The CSC team publishes a range of articles, books, children’s books and plays. 


Books by CSC team members

Baillie, C., Bass, A., Roberts, N.,  (2001) Dream 2B Green  ‘Student Guide’ and ‘Teacher’s Guide’, which introduce the recycling knowledge and terms involved in this project for students and teachers. The play introduced in these booklets was created by Dream 2B Green team together with CSC’s Nick Roberts, Amanda Bass and Caroline Baillie. The characters are inspired by the names of different plastic bottles CSC and UKCME 2001 (Price 5.00 GBP)

Baillie, C., Bass, A., Roberts, N.,  Eds (2001)  ‘Voices of Experience and Innocence’ incorporating poetry of the local homeless and of the ‘Dream 2B Green’ team.  CSC and UKCME 2001 (Price 5.00 GBP)

Baillie, C., Social Justice and Higher Education, (2013) ESJP 2001 ISBN: 978-0-9571849 (Price 14.40 GBP)

Baillie, C., Kabo, J., Reader, J., (2012) Heterotopia: Alternative Pathways to Social Justice, 2012 Zero Books

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Journal articles

Baillie, C., (2007) Public dialogue of science: theatre as mediator, in Canadian Theatre Review, Vol 131 Summer 2007, Ed Jenn Stephenson



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