CSC films


Critical Stage Films present the messiness of real life problems and consider alternatives. Both educational and documentary films, especially those dealing with the development and need for new technologies, or the impact of technologies on society, are currently either framed from within the dominant discourse – unquestionning assumptions of the status quo, where technological development is always a good thing and discussions of social impact are limited to liability – or they are heavy critiques, deconstructing from some theoretical position, without offering alternatives. Neither are useful as educational tools, as they feed into prejudices. Most audiences enjoy watching what they believe in, and shut out the alternative views as too one-sided. Critical Stage have therefore recognized the need for films which present research into real cases on the ground, of technologies and technological systems being implemented, with their network of characters, crises and contexts, presenting, unguarded, the many difficult and often unresolvable dilemmas they create. Inviting the audience/student into such complexity, we feel is the only possible way to elicit the sort of critical thinking necessary to begin to create future pathways and to address some of our largest global challenges.

In development…. (watch this space)

Waste for Life

What’s at stake: Mining and its stakeholders in WA